So you got a computer virus from a sketchy site – We won’t judge you!

A large number of computers become infected while their owners are visiting sites that they might not want their friends, family or their employer to know they frequent.

We’ve heard it all, both the truth, and some pretty creative and elaborate fabricated stories. We don’t care what site you were visiting when malware got it’s nasty little fingers into your machine. You might have been searching for why you have a rash in your private areas, how to dump your boyfriend, or you could have been researching male sexual dysfunction, drug interactions with your Viagra and Propecia. Doesn’t matter. Please don’t let that hold you back from making the phone call.

Honestly, we understand that people visit porn sites. While we are not condoning it, we sure don’t want to see you delay having your computer repaired and the virus removed because you are embarrassed. We will not reveal to anyone what site you were visiting when your computer became infected.

There is one exception – illegal activity… Please don’t bring your computer to us if you have a collection of child porn, or are planning on joining ISIS and overthrowing our government, as we are bound by law to report it to authorities.

An interesting fact: We have even assisted more than one person who wanted to browse adult content safely, by providing them with proper anti-virus software.

One individual wanted a special machine, specifically for surfing adult content. Urban Dictionary actually has an entry for just such a machine:

Urban Dictionary's Word of the Day

If you feel your computer has been compromised with malware, don’t wait another minute. Your personal and financial information may be in danger.

Give us a call in the Greenville / Upstate SC area and we will help you, discretely.

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