STOP – don’t follow that link! [Phishing]

Here’s a typical email you might find in your inbox…..

Phishing email

Typical e-mail designed to get your attention

This looks totally legit, right?   Except for the odd characters on the copyright line, everything looks in order.  Even the “Amazon <>” from address might not be a give-away to some.

But wait, that “Verify My Account Information” link also doesn’t look so kosher if you hover your mouse over it in Outlook:

Exposing the phishing attempt

Hovering your mouse over the link reveals the destination

When you hover your mouse over the links, you will see where they are going to send you if you are using Microsoft Outlook as your mail client.

Notice in this case that it is NOT going to an “” address, it is instead going to another domain.   Clicking the link would take you there, and upon arriving, you would be greeted with the familiar Amazon sign-in page.   Entering your credentials would cause them to be sent to the bad guys, and they would now have everything they need in order to get into your Amazon account.

The more sophisticated phishing “experts” will let you login with your credentials, and then prompt you to update your billing information, address, etc.  Giving them even more information about you.   Some will say your password is not correct (even though you entered the correct one) and then prompt you to give up more information like mother’s maiden name, or “enter the credit card you used to sign up”, etc.

A recent client told us that they had followed this same kind of link and not only had they given up their personal information, they let the site install an application, which was malware and it gathered keystrokes off their PC!

ALWAYS check the URLs before clicking them, and then if you do follow a link, look at the browser address bar and make sure you are on the domain you are supposed to be!

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