Your computer may have come with malware preinstalled

Doh! Computer woesAn interesting article on CNN’s Money site indicates that Lenovo, one of the most popular major manufacturers of computers, actually installed software on computers they sold which is classified as malicious software.

While not exactly a virus, this software, called SuperFish, behaves badly by serving up advertisements based on your personal habits and information.

Do you have it on your computer? If you purchased one of the known computers that were factory equipped with this software, you may find the model is listed in Lenovo’s statement here. Otherwise, you will have to use a tool to determine if that is the case.

LastPass has made a tool available that will check your computer’s browser for the presence of SuperFish.

What do you do if you are affected? You can follow the instructions on the Last Pass site, or you can call us at 864.326.4188 or use our contact form.

Greenville Virus Experts can check your computer and remove malicious software, viruses and trojans.

EDIT 2015-02-19 7:20PM Eastern:

WatchGuard, makers of quality business firewalls, revealed in a blog posting the following:

Not only does Lenovo ship with adware on their laptops, but this “Superfish” program breaks the sanctity of your HTTPS, allowing attackers to man-in-the-middle your “secure” web connections. 

There is no question that this is much more serious than just presenting an inconvenience to you. Please check your system, or better yet, arrange with us to check it immediately!  This is all the more important if you have a fleet of computers at your business. Remember – we come to you in the Greenville / Upstate area!

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