New computer ransomware malware doesn’t install to disk

Computer Malware Virus WarningThere’s a new malware package that appears to only run in memory once you visit an exploited site. “Fessleak”, which was discovered by Invincea, is a Russian ransomware straight that loads directly into your system memory and is not dropped onto the disk drive.

What this means is, it may circumvent many anti-virus pakcages.

The source appears to be malicious ads on websites which are placed by the cybercriminals.

Once you click on the malicious ad, you will be presented with a ransomware statement which says your personal or business files, photos and videos have been one-way encrypted and if you wish to get them back, you will need to pay with bitcoin.

This is exactly why the 0 Day Flash issue has been such a big deal.  Please keep your machines up to date.

If you require help with virus cleanup, virus removal or removing a trojan, worm or any other type of malware or ransomware from your computer, please contact us, we can help in the Greenville and Upstate South Carolina area!


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